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Proenergic® in practical use:

Making optimum use of resources and reducing operating costs long-term.


We are already doing what others are still discussing

Our company’s premises in southern Germany are totally self-sufficient in electricity which is supplied 100 % from renewables. A photovoltaic plant on the side of the building as well as on the flat roof makes connection to the public grid completely unnecessary.

At times of low insolation the biogas operated CHP unit supplies the building with heat and power. Variable-speed heat pumps supply the building with heating and cooling. New ways of controlling the heat pumps enable a direct utilisation of insolation.

Electricity is converted immediately into heating or cooling. A battery storage system with a 400 kWh capacity stabilises the system and supplies the necessary energy reliably, even at night. Apart from generating heating, cooling and electricity, the power generated on site is also used to operate electric vehicles.

These vehicles are charged intelligently when free energy is available. Proenergic® regulates and controls all energy flow and archives energy data. Energy consumption and energy generation is forecast with reference to the weather forecast for a period of 72 hours.

Energy consumption is regulated accordingly in an intelligent way.


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CHP units
Two modulating engine blocks generate an electrical output of between 9 and 40 kW depending on the actual amount of energy required.

Battery storage unit
96 individual batteries store a mighty 400 kWh capacity. Off-grid inverters ensure a stable operation without mains supply.